I am Tiphanie Brooke, also known as antigirl. I’m an Artist, designer, educator, and entrepreneur. I was born Tiffany Brooke Babros (later Babros-Montiel), I changed my name to Tiphanie Brooke by the age of nine.


My artistic journey began early when I started using graphic design software on a Windows-based computer at 7 or 8, learning DOS prompts. By 13, I created layered artworks with a warez version of Photoshop, combining scanned handmade collages with digital enhancements. I also learned HTML coding using Microsoft Front Page, blending art with web design.


At 18, I acquired my first Apple computer, which further fueled my creativity. By 23, I was designing graphics for Showtime Networks. During this period, I worked on a conceptual cereal box project that, although never produced, pushed me to pursue formal education. I quickly earned an AA in Fine Arts and Photography, where I experimented with darkroom techniques that mirrored my Photoshop explorations. One of these photo collages was displayed at the Phoenix Art Museum.


While working towards my BFA at Art Center College of Design at 33, I signed my first major project: a two-year collaboration with ORLY and Target, resulting in my work being printed in the millions. During this period, I was also featured in an award-winning documentary short.


My life has been a continuous journey of developing and integrating art projects with design—a wonderful but tumultuous adventure. Through it all, my passion remains steadfast: Art is Life.


b. 1981 (8/23), Arizona

Czech + Mexican American

Selected Projects, 1999 – 2024

Process Log + Memoirs

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