i'm an Artist, trained (ACCD) Designer and a natural Entrepreneur. nom de guerre: antigirl. i was born tiffany brooke babros (later Babros-Montiel) and changed my name to tiphanie brooke by age 9.


i started using graphic design software to make art when i was 7 or 8; it was on a Windows based computer and i remember learning DOS prompts for some reason or another. by 13 i was using a warez version of Photoshop and at the time it was very out of fashion because i was scanning a lot of handmade collages and using Photoshop to make more Art on Art on Art (really layers on layers on layers). i was also using Front Page (probably a warez version or did Microsoft put that on every computer?!) to learn HTML coding. 


Around 18 i got my first Apple computer. by 23, I was doing graphics for showtime networks. I $igned my first big project at 33. it's been a life lost to developing Art projects and combining it with Design. a wonderful but tremulous time.


Art is Life.



b. 1981 (8/23), Arizona

Czech + Mexican American

Selected Projects, 1999 – 2024

Process Log + Memoirs

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